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HOME911 - Corporate Profile

DigitalSA is a software development company focusing on niche products aimed at SME markets and it develops products on an exclusive basis for Clark Group. Our product DigiVoucher allows for SMS distribution of Virtual Airtime as well as Cell2Cell banking. It is the ideal solution for countries where no formal banking infrastructure exists.

Products include:

DigiSYS is the airtime management and billing platform that was developed to allow us and the buyers of the system to function as mini service provider or Virtual Private Network.

DigiSYS is the system that has been adapted to manage the fax2email and email2fax billing process. Successful installations include:

MTN billing platform for Siyaya project and Telemasters  - a least cost routing company utilizing the system to interpret billing records from networks and bill their client base as well as supplying them with full reporting on their airtime usage enquiries.


DigiVoucher is a Virtual Voucher Database management system allowing Cellular Service Providers and large wholesalers to distribute vouchers via GPRS or SMS. Thousands of points of presence can be managed by a single person as the system:

Auto captures every transaction; Updates balance after every transaction; Creates full audit trails and reports for the system owner. The system also allows for cell2cell banking if allowed in any given country.


Mini Call Center Management system 
- The Callback system logs incoming calls from either the GSM network or TELKOM fixed lines provided Caller-Line-Identification (CLI) is activated.
- Incoming Calls/ SMS messages are analyzed and stored in date and time sequence in the receiving database.

Successful installations: 
- Juta books on behalf of Vodacom Service Provider Company 
- Imobile


Water and electricity monitoring system that sends SMS’s when water levels in reservoirs are too high or too low. It also sends SMS notifications when power is cut at substations or any other machinery or place where constant power is crucial such as hospitals, server rooms, large cooling rooms etc. 


In April 2003 Fax2email was appointed by SafikaTEL and Internet Solutions to assist in the roll out and administration of a newly launched product, Fax2email in the South African market place.

Fax2email's sister company, Digital SA developed a software management system used by Safikatel to process CDR's from Telkom, and manage agent commissions on as many levels as required. Fax2email using an E-billing application that was custom designed by Digital SA to handle email2fax billing on a Pre and Post Paid basis, has been handling all billing and collections on behalf of Safikatel for the past 3 years.

Fax2email also does billing and collections on behalf of some of its resellers. We have successfully completed several multinational rollouts and we process faxes on a daily basis for companies such as SAB, ABI, SA Post Offices, Edcon and FNB and on behalf of more than 1 million individual subscribers and SME's.

Clark Properties is owned and occupied by the Group and Clive Rice, and is called Claric Place. We also have other companies as tenants.

Digifax Pty Ltd t/a Home911

Vat No: 443 021 2706

Company Registration No: 2004/001844/07

Within the bigger Clark Group profile, Digifax  is one of the early pioneering leaders in the development and expansion of the digital fax arena. Some of its clients include:

Imperial Group

Sandown Group




Pioneer Foods

African Independent


Altech Autopage

Drake Personnel

Kagisano Group




Home911 - a pioneer South African company: From simple idea to world-class life-saving product.

The initial Home911 concept was born around 2005 when one of the original programmers within the group started researching the idea of developing a cell phone-based alert mechanism to help safeguard his parents who were living in a remote rural area at the time. The idea caught the attention and vision of Nigel Hamilton, head of Digifax and a highly successful entrepreneur in his own right in the electronics and digital industry. Pooling their expertise and harnessing the wealth of intellectual and digital resources already available within the greater Clark Group, the idea was researched and developed into the world-class product that it is today – including a thorough two-year trial-testing period until 2010 and subsequent official launch mid 2011.

Home911 is the first to combine three of the biggest growth industries in the world today, being mobile phones, personal and business safety, and social/referral marketing. Home911 does not employ any sales people nor use conventional marketing channels such as television etc. The very nature of the Home911 product is ‘social’ so it makes good sense to channel the product’s marketing slice straight back to Home911’s loyal product users as they share it with others. It is also the most cost-effective form of marketing as the costs are paid for AFTER the product has been moved to a new customer, not before as in conventional marketing. The result is an absolute win-win scenario for the Home911 product user, even more so if one considers the global trend of economic responsibility being shifted more and more onto the individual.

It is Home911’s vision not only to help families and businesses safeguard themselves in the most effective, most accessible, and most affordable way, but also to grow Home911 into one of the simplest and most exciting entrepreneurial opportunities ever available to the people of South Africa and elsewhere.

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Products on offer:

GSM1 Payphone

GSM1 Payphone management software

GSM1 EVD Platform

GSM1 Printer

GSM1 Fax modem



Other Key Associations

Bluebox UK/SA has provided a significant number of varied organisations worldwide for over a decade with sophisticated and proven web-based ERP business software systems. Amongst its many software benefits for Home911 as a company, Bluebox has also been a key player in providing Home911 members with a robust entrepreneurial platform that is literally accessible from anywhere on the planet. A full description of the company can be seen on http://www.blueboxonline.com/?company

“We certainly look forward to a solid long-term business relationship with Home911 as it takes its exciting product into South Africa and other countries.”

Carl Verster -  Marketing Manager, South Africa, 2011

Netcash provides Home911 with a secure online platform to manage payment solutions safely and professionally, ensuring that all Home911 members details are protected at all times during all transactions. Netcash (Pty) Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Softline (Pty) Ltd. Softline (Part of the global Sage Group) is a leading provider of business management software, services and support for small and medium businesses. A full description of the company can be seen on  http://www.netcash.co.za/sage/site/index.asp

“Netcash is proud to be associated with Home911, and we believe our already solid business relationship will go from strength to strength. Netcash provides Home911 with a secure online platform to manage payment solutions safely and professionally, ensuring that all Home911 members details are protected at all times.”  

Charles Pittaway – Managing Director Netcash, 2011