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Although I saw the value of Home911 and signed up straight away I was hoping not to ever have to use it. This, however, did not turn out to be the case. This morning at 3:00am my daughter and her fiancé (Liezl and Hendri) set off for Cape Town by car. About two hours later and about 50 kms before they got to Kroonstad they were involved in a fairly bad accident. Liezl says that when they hit the motor bikes and came to a halt she was in a panic and could only think of one thing and that was to hit the 5 button on her cell to alert us via Home911. When we got the alert message seconds later we immediately knew something was wrong. I am so thankful that Home911 gave me the quickest head start to head out to my family when they were in distress. I am convinced that Home911 is going to be a fantastic success and save many a life in the future, especially in crisis situations where every second counts.

Lucas Scheepers

I have already benefited in a big way from the power of Home911. On the 3rd of February 2011, at midnight, my wife was involved in a motor car accident that left her in a severe state of shock and confusion. While she was still in that terrible state, she just remembered to push that vital button on her cell phone. Within seconds she was able to get much needed assistance from her Alert Recipients. Home911 is like having a much-needed friend with you, always. It’s simply IMMACULATE.

Paul & Norma Sibanda

Home911 is simply brilliant in every way. It’s simple to use, affordable, and allows you to take care of yourself, your loved ones and your community. As a single mom it just makes my life easier. In the bigger spectrum, it gives you the control and power to fight crime and make South  Africa safer. And the cherry on top of all of this benefit, is that Home911 is also a product that not only markets itself but also pays for itself. Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant!

Melanie Anthony Govender

As a couple with adult children and a grandchild, we believe in NEVER speaking fear into anybody’s life, or to sensationalise any negative situations. However, for the same reason we belong to a medical aid, have vehicle insurance, etc, we have enrolled as members of Home911. And as we start sharing Home911 with other people, we believe that, as individuals, we can make a difference in our country by acting together in fighting crime.

Eddie & Louise van Reenen

There is a great deal of talk and poor delivery and lack of care in South Africa. I am delighted to sign up with HOME911 as it does deliver our most important needs. It delivers entrepreneurial opportunities as well as security to friends, communities and suburbs. Criminals beware, as you will be hit for 6, as you now have no time to operate and carry out your terrible deeds.

Clive Rice

We want to thank Home911 for their great service and for letting us be one of their trial users.  When we came across Home911 we just knew this was the solution for every single household in our country. We feel that crime in our areas CAN be reduced, and Home911’s amazing technology helps us to share in the concept of ‘People-watching-out-for-People’. Criminals don’t like this.

Tim & Caron Upton

My family and I (except for my husband) were hi-jacked from my mum’s front gate when the kids were still very small. You just don’t really know how you are going to react in a high stress situation but I wish I had Home911 on my cell as I would have pressed it first thing. It’s all very well having an alarm system attached to your home but what about when you are in your car just outside your gate! It’s the mobility of this product that I just love.

Jennifer Livock & family

I was very concerned about our safety, when outside, or approaching our house. A friend came to our house and explained the working of the Home911 system to us.  I immediately joined as a trial user. From that day onwards I never felt sorry, just very glad to know we are protected and emergency help is just seconds away. I experienced it last week, when I by accident pressed the wrong number. Literally within seconds an ALERT came through to my husband’s phone, my neighbour’s as well as our Neighbourhood watch. I was contacted within seconds and that mistake made me feel so secure.   

Rina Roberts

We simply cannot believe how simple and yet powerful and affordable the Home911 product actually is. As Home911’s membership grows, we know more and more communities who take Home911 in as one of their household ‘necessities’ will be safer for all – and of course the knowledge that a very enticing and sustainable business is silently growing in the wings, as Home911 markets itself, is just fantastic! Thank you Home911.


Mallory, Glenn, Roger and Madeleine Lambert

This product is going to change my neighbourhood, my city and my country. It’s new, it’s powerful and it works! Our communities have tried to come up with ways to try and protect ourselves and our families. What excites us, however, about the HOME911 product is that for the first time we have a ‘SILENT’ crime fighter.

Melissa Siwela

When our host presented the Home911 system to us, we jumped at the opportunity.  We do not place emphasis on fear, but we do recognise the need to be pro-active rather than re-active. Immediately after I had signed up with Home911, I sent a text message out to friends and family about this wonderful product.  Some responded and some did not.  A few days later I received the shocking news that a friend of mine, whom I did not follow up with, was brutally attacked and raped in her own home during a break-in and robbery.  I cannot explain the regret and pain I felt because I had the very tool which could have prevented this heinous crime from being committed.  Regret is good, but it comes too late.

Wesley, Elaine, Roy and Lavinia Chetty

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